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Little girl gives hope that ‘Toy Story’ was real

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One little girl is lighting a fire in the hearts of adults who are still holding onto childhood.

Sophie is about to get in trouble with her dad for painting her Barbie’s nails.

But before she takes the rap for what may or may not have been her fault, Sophie has an alibi.

“She told me to, she told me a hundred times!” Sophie says as she holds back her tears.

Her dad tries to explain that by painting her Barbie, she could have ruined the carpet. He then asks her who should get in trouble.

“Should Barbie get in trouble or should Sophia get in trouble for using nail polish in the house?”

But Sophie’s got a toy story and she’s sticking to it.

“All of my dolls say they want me to paint their nails.”

There’s something about Sophie’s story that has people holding onto hope.

“I don’t know why but a feeling inside me is saying believe her, Barbie was actually talking to her,” one man commented. More than 5,000 people ‘liked’ his comment.

The video was posted to Facebook Oct. 4 and has gotten more than 3 million views.