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Possible ‘hit list’ discovered at an Edmond middle school

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EDMOND, Okla. - District leaders in Edmond said police were called to a middle school after an alleged 'hit list' was discovered.

On Tuesday, Edmond Central Middle School said a student found the list in a notebook and handed it over to administrators.

On the list were names of 27 classmates.

Officials said it indicated that possible harm could come to those whose names were on it.

"The names on the list and the way the list was categorized indicated to administrators that they needed to take immediate action," said Susan Parks with Edmond Public Schools.

School administrators took the student who allegedly created the list from class and, then, called Edmond police.

Authorities spoke with the student and the student's family who, they said, are cooperating with the investigation.

"We do feel like this student was genuine in the desire of wanting to carry out harm to these 27 students, but we don't feel like he had the means," said Jenny Monroe with Edmond Police.

"It was clear that there was no means to carry out any kind of threat against classmates," Parks said. "There were no weapons mentioned. No weapons were found."

Right now, the motive behind the list is unclear.

Administrators said the student is a seventh grade boy, who is no longer on campus.

"We always take matters like this very seriously, especially in light of what's occurred in our country," Parks said.

Parents of the 27 students on the list were notified by phone.

Many other parents found out online.

"I saw it on the news," said Jennifer Bookstore, parent. "I was looking on the internet."

"I went online to look and, I mean, I could see it was just breaking news," said Denise Bernard, as she stopped by to pick up her daughter. "I'm like, 'Oh my goodness.'"

The school said appropriate disciplinary action has been taken but did not tell us the student's punishment.

We are told the student could face up to a year of out of school suspension.

A note notifying parents of the situation was sent home with all students.

Police said they'll be working with the District Attorney's office to determine if any crimes have been committed.