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UPDATE: Police determine second message at Norman North “not a credible threat”

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NORMAN, Okla.  – For the second time in two days, a disturbing message was found in a high school bathroom.

On Monday, many parents chose to pick up their children from Norman North High School after a threatening message was written in a stall inside the girls’ bathroom.

The message allegedly referenced a shooting, but officials are not saying exactly what the message said.

On Tuesday, faculty members were also put on high alert after a second threatening message was discovered inside the boys’ bathroom.

“Officials at Norman Public Schools were notified this morning of a copycat message found in a male restroom at Norman North High School. The Norman Police Department believes the message may simply be an effort to disrupt school and continues to investigate the situation. We are not surprised by the message, as copycat messages are typical, and both messages will be included in the ongoing investigation. Out of an abundance of caution, the Norman Police Department has maintained an increased presence at both high schools. This behavior will not be tolerated. Any student who is identified as a participant in these incidents will be disciplined by the school to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, the district will cooperate with the police department, which will file criminal charges against the parties involved. Two days of school have now been disrupted for a majority of our students who are here to participate and learn. We encourage anyone with information regarding these incidents to notify the Norman North office at 405-366-5954 or call Crime Stoppers at 405-366-STOP,” Dr. Joe Siano, the district superintendent, said in a statement.

A picture of the alleged message was posted on social media, telling students to “be ready” around lunch time.


A parent sent this picture to KFOR claiming it was the threat. Police cannot confirm if it is the actual threat.

After an investigation, officials were able to interview the person behind the post and say it was not a credible threat of violence.