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Teacher removes mirrors from girls’ bathroom, the message is powerful

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OHIO -- One teacher in Ohio is burning up social media with a very powerful message that's resonating with girls...and it involves mirrors.

"Usually you would go in the bathroom and look in the mirror...Now there's no need," 8th grader Korie Johnson said.

Too many girls look in the mirror and don't like what they see.

Korie admits she didn't.

"Before I was in this club, I didn't really think I was very pretty or very smart or anything."

That's why instead of mirrors in the bathroom, they have signs.

"They're all uplifting and powerful quotes to say how beautiful you are and you don't need a mirror," Johnson ssaid.

The positive messages started with 7th grade teacher Rosalind Koop.

"I thought like I needed to create something where I could help girls boost their self esteem and confidence," Koop said.

So last year, she started a girl empowerment class called "Real Girls Stand Strong." In the class, the girls talk about being happy and healthy, instead of spreading hatred and negativity.

It's a message that started within.

"I was like, you know what, I am beautiful. I am smart. I do get good grades," Korie Johnson said.