Employees being tested for hepatitis, HIV after receiving unsafe flu shots

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WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – Dozens of employees of a pharmaceutical company are being tested for hepatitis and HIV after receiving unsafe flu shots.

A health clinic at the company gave flu shots to 67 employees.

According to News 12, the nurse changed the needle after each patient, but may have used the same syringe.

The nurse also didn’t give the employees a full dosage of the flu shot, meaning they will have to get a second flu shot.

Fortunately, experts say it is highly unlikely that they contracted any disease.

Now, health department officials are taking matters into their own hands and providing two vaccinations.

“The vaccinations are for hepatitis B and vaccinations for flu shots,” said Jill Swanson, with the West Windsor Health Department.

The health department will be monitoring those employees for the next six months.

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