“It’s about their quality of life,” Mother fighting school district over son’s medical condition

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - Alex Hoover, it seems, has always been fighting for his life.

"He instantly had to be revived when he was born," said Rene Hoover, Alex's mother. "Life has been a battle."

Alex was diagnosed with autism and aortic mitral stenosis.

As a result, his heart and valves are failing him.

At 14-years-old, doctors don't believe Alex has much longer to live. Physicians have simply told his family to let nature take its course.

Due to his autism, family members say Alex needs routine and is comforted by having his friends nearby and being in a familiar atmosphere.

His family says that's why they want Alex to be able to attend class until the very end, but there is one problem.

Rene has ordered an Advanced Directive for Alex in case he cannot speak for himself, ordering a DNR. If he begins to pass and is unresponsive, the order directs those around him to let nature take its course.

In other words, the school would not be able to use any life saving measures on Alex.

"However, they won't follow this advanced directive," Hoover told WHNT. "So it put me in a position where I'm having to fight for my son's rights, which I think is human rights, that we have made this decision for him. But they won't follow them."

Hoover went before the Limestone County School Board to fight for their wishes.

"It's not about you anymore," Hoover said. "It's about their quality of life and you have to step in and do what you have to do, outside of what your comfort zone, is to protect them."

It is still unknown whether a compromise has been made in the case.

"And hopefully at the end of all this, that the tomorrow after his yesterday, this is going to help a family and another child later on. They deserve that," Hoover said.

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