Dramatic dash cam video shows woman bolting into moving car

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A dashboard camera mounted to a car captured a woman bolt across a busy metro roadway.

Police say she is lucky to be alive.

It all happened at S.W. 74th and May, just before the peak of rush hour.

A driver’s dashboard camera was rolling around 4:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

The video shows two people waiting on the edge of the intersection with oncoming traffic making its way through the light.

Then, all of a sudden, the woman darts across S.W. 74th, running straight into a silver car, bouncing off the driver’s door.

The car slowed down, and another driver got out to help.

But, the woman was able to get up and ran from the scene.

She was long gone by the time officers showed up.

“Obviously, you want to look before you go out into a busy intersection like that, especially before you just dart across the intersection, because something just like this could happen,” said OCPD MSgt. Gary Knight.

We couldn’t find anyone who recognized the woman.

The man who recorded the video didn’t want to go on camera but turned over the video to police, hoping to find out if she’s okay.

“[It was] clearly a very dangerous situation and also a situation where she's very lucky to be alive, because that could've had a very different outcome, struck her rather than vice versa,” Knight said.

Police are still working on their report but said the driver did nothing wrong.