Man arrested after allegedly robbing pharmacy, making bomb threat

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. - A suspected serial bank robber, who was also accused of making bomb threats, was captured Thursday after bank clerks alerted police about an attempted robbery.

It all started Thursday when Bethany police were called to a robbery in progress at the Walgreens, near Rockwell and N.W. 23rd St.

"A guy had pushed the note across the table and had advised that he needed all that he could get within one minute," Officer Kenneth Jernigan, with the Bethany Police Department, said.

In the store's surveillance video, a man can be seen roaming the aisles of the pharmacy.

Police say it was during that time that Caleb Fannon was writing out his note to give to the clerk.

"Said that he had a bomb and he was going to detonate it if he didn't get everything done in one minute," Jernigan said. "Said he had police scanners running through his earbuds and a bomb also attached to that."

According to documents, he requested "Oxy" and "Subutex," both pain narcotics.

"The clerk immediately gave what he wanted and the guy took the note back and left the scene," Jernigan says.

He left, but didn't go very far.

"A little bit later, Oklahoma City Police Department received a bank robbery in progress," Jernigan says.

Documents show he walked into the bank and allegedly told the manager, "I'm here to collect the cow."

Before he could get cash from the tellers, police arrived.

"One of the officers there assumed that it may be the suspect we had, matching descriptions and in fact, it was," Jernigan said.

As for the bomb he told the Walgreens clerk about, officers found something different.

"It ended up not being a police scanner, it was attached to a battery pack and he was calling the battery pack a bomb," Jernigan says.

The man is also being charged as a prime suspect in a March bank robbery at the IBC in Bethany.