OU fans keep it classy or poor sportsmanship?

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What is a rivalry without a few good jokes and lighthearted jeers?

And while you’re at it, chowing down on a Bevo burger to kick off OU/Texas weekend is an annual tradition and all in good fun.

But now that the real Bevo is suffering from a life-threatening illness and can’t make this weekend’s game, the jokes about eating the Texas mascot himself aren’t sitting well with many Sooner fans.

They’re calling the comments classless and an example of “poor sportsmanship at its finest.”

Bevo XIV’s condition is still being explored by veterinarians.

Now in his 12th season with the Longhorns, the former national grand champion show steer is about 13 years-old.

When well-cared for, steers like Bevo XIV can live longer than 15 years – and that’s what most Sooner fans are hoping to see happen.

The one-ton steer is getting a ton of support on social media.

For the most part, OU fans are keeping it classy.

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What do you think?  Classy or classless?

Fun facts:  Bevo XIV is a pet and is not owned by the University of Texas.

The steer is in his 12th season as the Texas mascot.

He loves tummy rubs from his owners and is bred to be gentle.

His horns stretch nearly 7 feet long, and he eats 60 pounds of food per day!