OU police officer accused of stealing phone, attempting to get copy of “sexual video”

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A University of Oklahoma sergeant is placed on leave after being accused of burglary.

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, 65-year-old William Huff stole a woman's phone from her unlocked vehicle then tried to send himself a sexually explicit video from the phone.

It happened in early September in rural Cleveland County.

According to court records, a woman returned to her van to grab her cell phone, but it was missing.

She said she then spotted Huff crouched down in the trees nearby, "playing" with the phone.

Cleveland County officials learned the two knew each other.

In Huff's arrest affidavit, it said they had been friends for a couple of years.

Investigators said Huff appeared to be "emotionally attached" to the victim, while the victim said they were "strictly friends."

After a brief chat, the phone was returned.

Once the victim checked her phone, though, she claims Huff had "located a sexual video of her and attempted to send it to his cell phone."

She said the video was never delivered, due to poor cellular signal.

Cleveland County investigators later performed a forensic download on Huff's phone, reportedly finding a text to a friend where Huff admitted he "got into her unlocked van and stole her phone."

Huff is a sergeant with the OU Police Department and has been on paid leave since the incident in September.

He turned himself in Friday but has pleaded not guilty.

We met with several students to get their opinions on the situation.

"You don't want to hear that from a school that you trust, that you're familiar with," said senior Sofia Belhouari.

"We're supposed to look up to them and respect them as citizens," said sophomore Thorpe Mayes. "We should hold them to a higher standard."

University officials sent out a statement late Friday.

"[Huff] will remain on leave with pay until this matter is adjudicated, at which time OUPD will review the completed investigation and take appropriate steps if university and department policy and procedures violations have occurred."