Restaurant owner who denies homeless man service apologizes in wonderful way

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro restaurant owner, who denied a homeless man service in September, is now apologizing.

Jimmy Collins is the owner of Jimmy’s Round-up Café.

Chris Smith and his family left the business after Jimmy refused to serve a hungry man they invited in and offered to pay for.

Jimmy said he refused him service because the man had caused problems at his restaurant before.

After NewsChannel 4 did a story about what happened, Jimmy said he received a lot of backlash.

Jimmy said in his original interview he came off defensive and prideful, and that he has a different attitude now and wants Oklahomans to hear him out.

"We all look back and say. You know what? I could have handled that differently," Jimmy said.

Jimmy told us he regrets how he handled things the night he denied the hungry man service.

"Looking back I would have explained the situation better. Maybe gave him a meal to go,"  Jimmy said. "A bad mistake is only a bad mistake if you don't learn from it.”

To show that he has learned he plans to feed people in need outside his café once a month.

Jimmy asked Mr. Smith to help him and he agreed.

"It's definitely a step in the right direction, but you know words can sometimes be hollow. We're hoping these aren't and we don't believe they will be so we're excited," Smith said.

An exciting start to an idea that could build a stronger community.

"I'm going to ask for volunteers to bring in tables and chairs and local people to bring in desserts and help us serve and that way all will feel good," Jimmy said.

Jimmy plans to host the meals the second Tuesday of every month, the first one starting October 13th.

He also says on Monday and Wednesday's from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. 50 % of proceeds will be given to the Independence Fund, an organization that provides wheel chairs to disabled veterans.