Texas Longhorns, the breed not the team, feel right at home in Kickapoo Canyon

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LOOKEBA, Okla. -- Larry Johnston drives downhill to check on the herd every evening.

His grandfather homesteaded this little pocket canyon east of Lookeba more than a hundred years ago.

"They usually eat here in the day and then go up in the evening," says Johnston.

This generation of Oklahoma Longhorns looks right at home, almost as if they've been here from the beginning.

"I always thought we had Longhorns on this place anyway," he states.

Actually Larry bought his first three Longhorn steers about 20 years ago.

He had them for a while until a nice offer came in from a neighbor.

Larry didn't know his wife Gala had gotten used to seeing them out the kitchen window.

He recalls, "She said, 'we've got a problem. I don't see any longhorns out this window. So we need more longhorns.'"

They've  been part of the family ever since.

Larry himself has grown to love the breed at least.

"I wouldn't push them on anybody," he says. "You have to love them to keep them."

He doesn't pay the team much attention.

"I have been accused (of being a Texas Longhorn fan) because of the longhorn on my cap, but I don't know anything about those longhorns."

One of the reasons Larry's granddad liked this place so much; there was always water and cool air in the canyon.

It's less than 20 miles from the old Chisholm Trail so it's not inconceivable that a few strays might have found their way into this rough country.

"I'm sure, at one point or another, there were probably Longhorns in here," he says.

As proof, the family always pointed to a gnarled mesquite tree on the canyon rim way north of its usual range.

"He always thought the only way that tree got there was a Longhorn brought it," says Johnston of his grandfather's theory.

The market for Longhorns can be fickle, but Oklahoma Longhorns are a different story.

Right here, there's always a 'bull market'.