“It was pretty jarring,” Massachusetts man thankful for shark attack

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BOSTON, Mass. – A Massachusetts man is thanking his lucky stars that he was attacked by a shark.

Eugene Finney was left bloody and bruised when a shark slammed into him while he was swimming off the California coast.

“Something struck me from behind. I’d never been hit like that before. It was pretty jarring. It kind of gave me an instant whiplash,” he told WBZ.

Even though the attack left a large gash along his back, the real pain started in his chest.

“The pain was caused by interior bruising of the thoracic cavity due to blunt force trauma,” Finney said.

However, doctors say they found even more when checking Finney’s injuries.

“They had discovered a growth, or a tumor, on my right kidney about the size of a walnut,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Finney underwent surgery to remove the cancer and doctors do not believe he will need any further treatment.

“If this didn’t happen with the shark causing me to go in with this chest pain, I would have never known about this cancer,” he said.

“It led to a situation that saved his life. That’s pretty fascinating when you think about it,” said Dr. Tuerk.

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