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Bright board brings “Vegas” style glare to Oklahoma City neighborhood

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Some see it as an eye sore. A digital advertisement on the corner of Danforth and Western in Oklahoma City went up about six weeks ago.

"We saw it going up, however it didn't light up until about a month ago, and that's when people started really noticing it."

"It looks kind of like you're staring at Vegas in the back," Tuan Nguyen said.

Nguyen is the leader on his neighborhood app next door. He's watched the concerns from neighbors pour in.

"It glows very brightly, and there are homes that back up to it, maybe 100 feet, and their fence doesn't go up high enough so it lights up the entire back of the house," Nguyen said.

Tom James lives behind the billboard and he says it creates a glare on his street.

It’s something he worries about financially.

"It could really lower the prices a lot if they keep it going like that," James said.

We reached out to the company that owns the sign, Tyler Outdoor Advertising .

They say they are in compliance, as long as they're 50 feet from a residential zone.

Tyler also says they are listening to resident’s concerns, but don't think removing the sign will be the end of the problems in this growing community.

Eateries, salons and other commercial shops will go in right around the billboard.

Tyler is meeting with the developer of the business area this week to decide what to do to lessen the nuisance on neighbors.

"I personally would like to see it moved. It's not a good area. It's residential," Nguyen said.

"I don't want to see it go away, but I'd like to see them just use it with not so bright advertising on it," James said.

We know residents are speaking to officials with the city of Oklahoma City.

We're waiting to hear back from the city to see what residents can do about the situation.

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