Slurpee confrontation leads to open fire

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DETROIT — A Detroit woman is behind bars after she shot at another driver during an alleged road rage incident.

It started at a 7/11 gas station.

“To be completely honest with you, I went to throw my Slurpee at her,” the man said.

But India McDougal said she felt threatened.

“I’m a licensed CPL holder so I shot at him because I didn’t know what the hell he was doing,” she said.

Police say the drivers told very different stories in their 911 calls.

While McDougal said the man got out of his car and walked to her window, the man says he stayed at a distance and just threw his Slurpee at her.

“The fact that she says he came up to her window, threw it in her eyes, blinded her, and feared for her life. That’s not on the video,” Sheriff Anthony Wickersham, with Macomb County, said.

Traffic cams show that the man did get out of his car, but didn’t approach the woman. She fires at him anyway.

The bullet shattered the passenger’s window of the man’s car, but no one was injured.

McDougal was charged with a felony. The man is facing misdemeanor charges.

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