Transportation Secretary recommends drone registration

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Drone, Photo: Pete CC BY 2.0 / (MGN Online)

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced a new program to register drones.

The details still need to hashed out, like exactly which unmanned aircraft will have to be registered, and which can fly under the radar and be exempt.

Those recommendations are due Nov. 20.

The deadline cuts close to the holidays with 700,000 drones forecast to fly off the shelves this season.

“Think of it this way. It may be okay to operate an off-road vehicle without registering it if you’re using it on your own property. However, if you plan to take it onto local streets or on to highways, you are expected to register it and operate it safely to protect the public,” Foxx said.

Foxx went on to say registration will also give drone operators a chance to learn airspace rules before they fly, which should, in turn, lead to fewer problems.

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