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OSU D-Coordinator Glenn Spencer impacting more than defense

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Glenn Spencer's in his third season as OSU’s Defensive Coordinator. Spencer is known for his focus and determination from his players and the pokes defense is seeing results ranking near the top in the conference and the country in several statistics but the cowboys don't just see him as a coach.

Mike Gundy says, “I think that some people have a unique ability to teach and coach and train young people and get em focused to what really matters and he's very level headed very calm thinks things through and it's one of the strong points he has as a coach is to teach.”

Emmanuel Ogbah says, “We always make a joke that he has a mattress up here sleeping up here getting ready for the next opponent so he always has a great game plan for us he cares for his players he really takes care of us and he's like a dad so like a mentor to us.”

Ashton Lampkin says, “Coach Spencer that's my dude he's very intense no matter if we're doing walk through he's yelling at any point in time he's going to make sure you're on your P's and Q's at all times there's no slacking off with him.”

Glenn Spencer says, “I love them they know that they probably don't like me a lot of days but I don't want them to like me I want them to respect the culture and what we're trying to do if we keep coaching these kids for the right reasons and finding their motivation to why they want to succeed I think it will benefit them in the long run and when it comes down to it that's kind of why I think good coaches do what they do.”