Families crave refund from door-to-door meat company

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Stan and Debbie Sells say they’re not happy with the quality of beef, chicken and seafood they purchased from Rancher’s Pride, a food manufacturer and distributor specializing in meat.

Salesman, Jim Eaton, was going door-to-door and sealed the more than $700 deal.

Stan says the salesman left his cell number and instructed the couple to call him if they weren’t pleased with the meat.

Stan says he tried calling at least four times, but never received a call back.

“Yep, never could get [him] to respond,” he said.

Besides his personal cell number, the salesman gave a second number for Rancher's Pride, which we called. That number doesn't work anymore.

The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma and its president and CEO, Kitt Letcher, put out a warning about the company.

“When you go by that location and look in the windows, it's completely abandoned,” Letcher said.

She says her office is investigating several complaints right now.

“They tried to cancel their subscription,” she said. "They weren't happy with the service [and] then they couldn't meet the manager or the owner.”

Our camera was rolling when Stan finally got Jim Eaton on the phone.

The salesman told him he was out-of-town and gave Stan a new address for Rancher’s Pride, off N. Meridian.

We headed straight there.

New office manager, Kirk Witty, was eager to talk to us.

“I just got here,” he said. “I just moved from the St. Louis office to run this store because we had problems with management.”

Witty says the old manager was let go and he was brought in to right the ship.

He says their food is top quality.

We asked him about the salesman that sold Stan and Debbie their meat.

He gave them an invoice and business card that doesn’t mention Rancher’s Pride anywhere.

Witty tells the “In Your Corner” team Eaton is misrepresenting the company.

“[Eaton Foods] that's not even us,” Witty said. "He didn't give out a proper receipt. It doesn't have the buyer's right to cancel on the back of the receipt, so everything he did was wrong.”

Witty says he plans to get to the bottom of things and take action where action is necessary.

Rancher's Pride says they are working with the Better Business Bureau and other agencies to update all of their new contact information.

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Don’t buy on the spot.
  • Research the company online.
  • Call the BBB with questions.

All Stan wants is a fair shake at a refund.

“I'm not happy,” he said.

Looks like Stan's going to get to satisfy that craving for a refund after all.

Rancher's Pride says they'll cut him a check by the end of the week.

We'll check back.

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