Guys hold fake funeral for friend who is always with his girlfriend

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UNITED KINGDOM — Keiran Cable, from Wales, was a guy’s guy. He had a group of bros that he hung out with, and they did very bro-like things together.

But that all changed when Keiran met Jess Ferguson. The two started dating and Keiran’s friends barely got to see their pal anymore.

They knew he was alive and well based on the pictures of their comrade with his girl at his side.

The boys held out hope for a while, but 18 months later, they decided it was time.

They held a fake funeral for Keiran, in which 50 of his friends showed up dressed in black. They even rented a hearse and created a fake coffin for their friend.

Keiran accepted his fate by going along with the fake funeral, but Jess insists Cable can hang out with his friends whenever he’d like.

“I was in complete shock and didn’t know what to do or say. My cheeks were aching from smiling so much. The boys made a massive effort and it was definitely a day to remember,” Keiran told WalesOnline.

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