“I didn’t think anybody was going to find him,” Lost corgi back home after being sold on Craigslist

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- A lost show dog was returned home after a family from out-of-state cracked the case, using Craigslist.

Peter Parker, the cardigan welsh corgi, is micro-chipped. In a little more than a week, Peter found himself with two different families, while his face was posted across the metro, and online.

The show corgi disappeared in early October from Midwest City.

"Peter was let out of the fence, not sure how that happened," said Melissa Stone, Peter's secondary owner. "I didn't think anybody was going to find him."

Melissa and friends hit the streets with a fresh batch of 'missing dog' posters, while posting their search on Facebook as well.

Little did they know, Peter was already on the inter-webs. The little corgi was being showcased on Craigslist, for sale, under the name 'Corkie'.

That post caught the eye of a family from Texas who was shopping around for a dog.

"They knew something was wrong, so they started doing some research online, and they found Peter's missing sign," said Stone. "If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have found him."

The family shared the ad with Melissa, who later learned Peter was in the town of Bridge Creek.

Melissa's an employee of a dog grooming business, Jeanna's Doggie Do's, out of Newcastle. She turned to an old client for help.

"I was contacted by Lt. Roy Spratt, he uses this dog grooming business," explained Corporal Ryan Lake, with the Grady County Sheriff's Office. "I started doing some research, eventually found [the family] who lives in the Bridge Creek area."

Corporal Lake spoke with the woman behind the Craigslist ad, who said the dog had already been sold.

"She admitted that yes that was the dog, that she had gotten rid of it," said Lake. "[She said] she would do everything she needed to do to get the dog back to me."

Corproal Ryan delivered Peter Parker back to Melissa on Wednesday afternoon.

This unlikely reunion is now a cautionary tale for anyone who finds a lost dog.

"I have no ill will to the person who was trying to sell him, but maybe this is a good lesson, always check for a microchip when you find a dog," said Stone. "Don't try to sell the dog for a quick profit."

Corporal Lake says the woman in this case was fully cooperative with the investigation, and he doesn't believe she'll be facing criminal charges.

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