It Was a Long Way to the Feed Store So This Family Opened Their Own

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PADEN, OKLAHOMA -- The Cindle kids show pigs appear to have everything they need for Fall.

They have good, clean stalls and plenty of feed.

2nd grader Brittany can actually sit on one of them.

13-year-old Bailey Cindle lets her little sister feed another pig green lollipops.

"They also like marshmallows," says Mom Denise. "We go through a lot of marshmallows in show season."

But even well fed pigs can't eat this much.

Scott and Denise's girls get a good workout lifting and loading all this stuff thanks to an idea dad worked on for a while, then convinced his wife to back.

Denise Cindle continues, "We prayed about it for a long time and finally I was like 'okay. fine. let's just do it and see what happens."

They opened a feed store, in the country, 7 miles north of Paden, Oklahoma.

"That's cool," says Brittany. "Crazy cool."

The nearest feed store is back in Shawnee.

That's a 45 minute drive one-way.

The same goes for their neighbors who started dropping by more often, and who appreciated the store for being open nearly all the time.

"Last year on Christmas Day," Denise recalls, "We had a lady call and told us, 'my son forgot to tell me and we're out of pig feed, and is there any, possible way'."

A store visitor remarks, "You could have put a bow on it."

"You're right," she responds. "We didn't think about that. We could have put a bow on it."

Cindle Feeds has been open a year now.

The product line has expanded.

They've got a new driveway, a new cash register and retail space.

For Mother's Day Scott bought Denise a bright new sign.

"I was just ecstatic about it," she giggles.

They didn't get in the feed business to make a lot of money.

But so far they've made more than they thought they would.

The Cindles main profit, they say, is in all the new friendships they've gathered in from people who need something, and who just like an excuse to drop by too.

Cindle Feeds has a page on Facebook. Here's the link.

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