Oklahoma City attorney accused of scamming adoptive parents out of thousands of dollars

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A high-profile adoption attorney is accused of scamming families, who desperately wanted children, out of thousands of dollars.

More than a decade ago, agents raided Robert Boren’s law office and seized mountains of paperwork and files.

He and his wife were accused of selling babies to adopting couples. Criminal charges were not filed in that case, but new allegations have come to surface since then.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said they started investigating Boren again in 2012 after adopting parents came to them for help.

Thursday, Oct. 22, the Oklahoma County District Attorney filed 25 counts against Boren. One for Trafficking Children, and 22 of those are for Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses.

A 34-page court document unveils the serious allegations against Boren.

"Basically, what detectives believe is that this individual set up a fake company in order to financially gain from adoptions," Capt. Paco Balderrama, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said.

Police say the fake business was called “ASL Rentals.”

Investigators claim Boren was funneling money through ASL Rentals to make a profit from adoptive couples.

For example, adoptive parents often pay for the birth mother’s rent and utilities. Detectives say Boren would charge them several hundred dollars more than what they actually owed, and then pocket the money.

"The number of adoptions we believe was more than 20. More than 20 situations where he overcharged," Capt. Balderrama said. "Good families are seeking for legal advice on how to make their adoptions happen, and this individual took advantage of that.”

Also in the court document, investigators said Boren further profited by “collecting money for social services he does not perform at all.”

"Through these illegal criminal behavior, he was basically selling babies because he was over-charging. He was getting financial gain for the criminal acts he was committing," Capt. Balderrama said.

NewsChannel 4 called Boren Thursday; we were the first to inform him of the charges.

We asked him to comment on the case, but he said he would call us back after he talked to his lawyer.

We have not heard back from him.

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