‘Redneck Beachcombing’ Is Where This Artist Finds Pieces to Her Puzzles

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FREDERICK, OKLAHOMA -- Along the continuous cycle of life, death, and re-birth the hands of an artist possess great power.

"I mosaic almost every day," says artist Jenny Perry.

Here, she found Frederick to be the place where all her pieces fit, and where her mosaics made the most sense.

"I just love the whole process of cutting things and making things fit," she says. "It's kind of like a puzzle where you make the pieces yourself."

She made her first attempt 15 years ago.

"I thought, 'that looks kind of fun. I can do that."

Perry kept working at it.

She kept watching for the moment when one, small piece might fit the picture best.

"There's something very peaceful about it," she says.

Jenny grew up by the California Pacific.

She washed up here close to 30 years ago.

But she still looks for what the waves bring in, eyes down, pockets ready for treasure.

"It's kind of like red neck beach combing," she says, "Instead of shells I pick up rusty bolts and spark plugs, and bottles."

Wind and waves, grass, water, sky.

Jenny Perry talks about capturing how a picture flows.

"That's the Andamento," she says of the Italian term. "Like I'm trying to make the hair move in the wind here."

The tiles line up and fit.

The pieces of washed up junk left to die, buttons and old sticks, find new life here and here.

"You can take broken things and make them beautiful."

Dead things brought back to life in the talented hands of their creator.

For more information on the art of Jenny Perry go to http://www.jennyperrymosaics.com/

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