Woman says pole dancing helped her drop 65lbs and gain confidence

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A Missouri woman says pole dancing has helped her drop 65lbs.

Eda Marbury, 25, says she battled anorexia for eight years as a teenager and young adult, according to Barcroft TV.

Eda says that she overcame her eating disorder after meeting her husband, Terrik.

But instead of eating healthy and exercising, Eda started to binge eat and her weight started to balloon.

After years of unhealthy eating, Eda’s weight reached 330lbs.

She couldn’t stand to look at herself in the mirror or a photograph.

Eventually, Eda decided it was time for a change.

She contemplated joining a gym but didn’t want to deal with the strange equipment.

She found the all-women Pink Lemon Studio and started taking classes in pole dancing.

“I was in denial about how much weight I had put on and how I looked,” she told Barcroft TV. “When I walked into the pole dancing studio for the first time I weighed 330lbs and the entire room was covered in mirrors. It was quite a shock.”

After a few classes, Eda was hooked.

“It took me a year and three months to climb the pole because I’m afraid of heights,” she said.

Eda now has a pole installed in her home.

So far, Eda has lost 65lbs.

She plans to lose an additional 35lbs by the end of the year, according to Barcroft TV.

“Eventually I’d like to be under 200lbs. I was never built to weigh as much as I do,” she said.

Eda says pole dancing has helped her do so much more than lose weight.

“I felt more confident and I have friends. The way I dressed changed, I started to care a little bit more about what I was wearing and how I would do my hair,” she told Barcroft TV.

Terrik has supported Eda through all of her struggles.

“Her pole dancing is sexy to me. I know a lot of people don’t like it and a lot of people talk bad about it and frankly I don’t care,” he said. “It makes her feel sexy, it makes her feel happy and that’s what I like about it.”

More than 43,000 people are following Eda’s progress on Facebook.


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