‘It makes my heart hurt for the victims,’ fans try to come to grips with grief after OSU homecoming tragedy

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STILLWATER, Okla.-OSU'S Homecoming parade is an event thousands of families and Cowboys fans come together to celebrate, but Saturday was hard for many to cheer and smile.

“It wasn’t your typical homecoming,” said Cowboys Fan Alan Andrews.

In a sea of orange and black, it was hard to see many smiles, despite OSU’s homecoming game win.

“Everybody around us was talking about they can’t believe what happened. This is a family event. It was a time family’s get together once a year. Just talking about the tragedy of it all,” said OSU Fan Rebecca Andrews.

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Before kickoff, players from both teams took a moment of silence for the victims who lost their lives and others injured after this horrific crash.

“The family came together and I noticed that the team had prayer on the field before and I think we all support that,” said Alan Andrews.

“You could hear a pin drop. Everybody had heavy hearts,” said Sophomore Sydney Ford.

OSU Student Sydney Ford said she can’t stop thinking about all of the innocent people affected.

“It makes my heart hurt for the victims. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. I send out my prayers for everyone,” said Ford.

Many others said they're holding their loved ones closer, thinking about the “what if.”

“From the grace of God, it could’ve been my grandchildren, they could’ve been just taken like that, but it’s someone else’s family,” said Lamb.

As a community, fans said they will heal from this loss.

“You can’t have an event like this without it bringing you closer together,” said Andrews.