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‘It’s supposed to be fun..’ one OSU concerned for everyone after the homecoming tragedy

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STILLWATER, Okla.-- For 33 years, Patti Hall has watched homecoming parades from the Sonic Drive-In store she manages in Stillwater.

Never has she seen a scene like Saturday’s.
“Normally at this time right before a game you hear traffic, you hear people carrying on, but right now you don’t hear anything,” she said.
“People, their hearts are broken.”
Hall sat at a high-top table Saturday morning, mere hours after a car drove into a crowd at Oklahoma State’s homecoming parade.
Her eyes stayed glued on news coverage, playing on the televisions overhead. A half-eaten cheeseburger sat in its foil.
“It makes my stomach just really cringe at the thought that someone had just come to enjoy the day and it ended in tragedy,” she said. “It’s supposed to be innocent, it’s supposed to be fun, and then at the very end it gets ruined.”
Hall was inside the store when she heard what sounded like an explosion Saturday morning. At first she thought a float had blown up.
Then, she went outside and realized what had happened.
“It’s just kind of a somber time,” she said. “I think when you walk outside you feel it in the air around here.”
Her thoughts are focused on a friend and his wife, who she says had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter.
She says she’s praying for her hometown and her school, while she also thinks of the suspect.
“It just breaks my heart because she’s probably somebody who’s not a bad person but she’s just done a bad thing,” she said. “It’s a bad moment and she’ll pay for it for the rest of her life.”