OSU fans react to tragic crash at homecoming parade in Stillwater

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STILLWATER, Okla.-Oklahoma State University's homecoming parade is an event thousands of families and Cowboys fans come together to celebrate, but on Saturday morning, the well-anticipated event turned tragic.

“From the grace of God, it could’ve been my grandchildren, they could’ve been just taken like that, but it’s someone else’s family,” said OSU Fan Gail Lamb.

It’s supposed to be a day full of smiles, cheering and competitive spirit.

“You just don’t expect this on a happy day at a parade,” said Lamb.

Instead, crime tape filled the busy intersection of Hall of Fame and Main, where hours before families were so happy.

“This car just went in through the crowd, just burst into the crowd,” said Lamb.

That’s when the screaming started and people started to run to nearby businesses, forced to see the unimaginable.“I saw a body that had been just covered up and the arm was still sticking out, then I looked a little bit farther and it looked like another couple of bodies were covered up,” said Lamb.

“It kind of makes it where we don’t want to celebrate now,” said Caitlynn Lander.

OSU Sophomore Caitlynn Lander feared she might know one of the victims.

“If you drink and drive, you’re an idiot. There’s no point, you can always get someone, someone will be your DD,” said Lander.

Lander went to the game to support the Cowboys and said she was touched by what she saw on the field before kickoff.

“The teams came together and got out there and prayed together. I thought that was really cool, that just shows what a close-knit community we have,” said Lander.