Victims of the OSU homecoming parade crash are identified

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Stillwater, Okla.- During the homecoming parade Saturday morning a car slammed into the spectators at the intersection of Hall of Fame Ave. and Main St in Stillwater.

Adacia Chambers, 25, was driving the car and is in custody under the suspicion of Driving Under the Influence. Her first court appearance could be Monday in Payne County.

Investigators are still waiting on toxicology reports.

Four people died and dozens injured in the incident. The investigation continues.



Nikita Nakal, 23 Edmond, Oklahoma

Juvenile,2 Stillwater, Oklahoma

Bonnie Jean Stone, 65 Stillwater, Oklahoma

Marvin Lyle Stone, 65 Stillwater, Oklahoma


Sherry Bates, 50 Critical at OU Medical OKC

Kelly Murphy, 41 Critical at St. Johns Tulsa

Leo Schmitz, 54 Critical at OU Medical OKC

Mary Annette, 61 Critical at OU Medical OKC

Juvenile, 6 Fair at OU Childrens Hospital  OKC

Juvenile, 7 Fair at OU Childrens Hospital OKC

Juvenile, 6 Fair at OU Medical OKC

Juvenile, 6 Fair at OU Medical OKC

Kelly Harrison, 27 Good Mercy OKC

Juvenile, 1 Good OU Medical OKC

Juvenile, 12 Non-life threatening Stillwater Medical

Kimberly Harrison, 30 Non-life threatening Stillwater Medical

Dexia Zeng, 35 Non-life threatening Stillwater Medical

Kayleigh Atwell, 20 stable St. Johns Tulsa

Steven Edwards, 55 stable St. Francis Tulsa

Diana Rodriguez, 37  (differing reports on her condition)

Treated and released:

Juvenile, 10

Clement Abai, 36

Juvenile, 7

Juvenile, 13

Chayton Bolden, 19

Mary Lynn Cardinal, 48

Kailey Beth Carter, 19

Bhardwaj Chintalapati, 26

Teresa Gay Edwards, 55

Carrie Freeman, 47

Juvenile, 3

Amanda Gray, 24

Adonis Hulbert, 19

Taylor Lea Johnson, 18

Jenifer Johnson, 43

Zhigang Lind, 38

Juvenile, 6

Amanda Reynolds, 31

Sharon Schmitz, 66

Anna Smith, 19

Kim Stanley, 58

Nicolette Strauch, 20

Katie Strawn, 46

Pamela Thames, 59

Bryan Vanhooykonk, 34

Lynn Sue Whyte, 60

Kevin Witten, 52

Tao Wu, 34

Yu Ming Wu, 62


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