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Don’t fall victim to scam phone calls

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner hotline continues to ring off the hook with complaints about scam phone calls.

We warned you about this same scam in recent months, but our team keeps receiving tons of complaints on impostors pretending to be federal agents.

Before Ron Borchmann says "hello," he always looks at the phone to see who is calling.

This time around, the caller ID showed a number from Utah.

“I thought, ‘Okay, it's another one of those,’” Borchmann said.

He let his answering machine get it.

“I am calling you from the legal affairs of the U.S. Treasury Department," the message said. "My badge number is 4165.”

The recording sounds like it could be computer generated.

It's the same scam we've been exposing for years.

The person claims to be law enforcement or another from a government agent then threatens you with either deportation, a lawsuit or prison time over an unpaid debt.

Borchmann wasn't about to call the impostor back.

But, we tried, and the call wouldn’t go through.

We assured Borchmann he's not in any trouble.

The In Your Corner bottom line is this: Law enforcement or someone from the federal government will never ask you to send money for an unpaid debt.

If you're unsure about a call, confirm which agency the person is calling from, hang up and look up the number of the agency, then call them directly.

Click here or here to file a complaint.