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“I think these pictures depict the brutality and the true strength of the officer,” Attorney of 16-year-old assaulted student speaks out

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City teen allegedly punched in the face by a school resource officer is back at school.

MSgt. Thomas Jaha said he hit the student in self defense, after the teen allegedly took a fighting stance.

The incident was caught on camera inside U.S. Grant High School.

In addition to a criminal charge, the Oklahoma City police officer is also facing a use of force investigation.

The family's attorney said the student's injuries were strong enough to move the teeth inside his mouth.

They are now looking at taking legal action against the officer, the police department and the school district.

"The greater concern the family has is he's not a police officer operating within this community," said David Ogle, the family attorney.

Concerns that came up after Jaha is captured on surveillance video hitting the 16-year-old in the face.

"I would bet he's in excess of 200 pounds in size and stature," Ogle said. "I know that the young man is 5'3' and 130 pounds."

Photos released to NewsChannel 4 show what the student's face looked like after the punch to the face.

"I think these pictures depict the brutality and the true strength of the officer and the violence," Ogle said. "He received a large cut to the inside of his lip, he received a cut in the gums because of the blow and his cheek bone has a large goose egg on it."

According to court documents, Jaha said the 16-year-old "clenched his fists and began to assume a fighting stance."

"He never showed aggression in the video," Ogle said.

The teen's attorney said the student was screaming for help.

"Yes and, on the video, you'll observe a member of the ROTC office actually step out of the hallway and start looking down the hallway as the youth is running away from the officer," Ogle said.

We went to Jaha's home to get his side of the story. A person came to the door but did not open it.

Ogle said he plans on helping bring justice to the family.

"If you've got that kind of patience as an officer, you shouldn't be in this environment," Ogle said.

Jaha was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and battery.

There is an administrative investigation pending with the police department.