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Injured exotic bird found wandering through metro

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It was a rather unusual delivery to Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, after a wild, wounded peacock was found wandering in Del City.

Friday was chilly and rainy all across the metro.

Now, the bird is safe and warm in Animal Welfare's barn.

Bruised and limping, the peacock was found wandering near Epperly Drive after reportedly being hit by a car.

"We think that he has some damage to his feet and has some difficulty in flying," said Julie Bank with Animal Welfare. "The veterinarian will look at him and see what happened and what needs to occur, so that he can get on the mend."

For the next three days, the barn will be home.

"We're going to hold the animal for three days, just in case there is somebody who says this is their peacock," Bank said. "After that, the peacock will be transferred to an organization that knows how to deal with him."

This bird is not indigenous to Oklahoma, meaning, at some point, someone in the metro might have picked the peacock for their pet.

Animal Welfare is now urging everyone to leave these beautiful birds alone.

"We have a couple areas throughout the metro, where we know there are a few peacock colonies," Bank said. "The message is: Do not keep wild animals or exotic animals as pets."