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Kevin Stark’s Old Room at the Toy and Action Figure Museum Just Wasn’t Big Enough

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PAULS VALLEY, OKLAHOMA -- These are his toys, but all this was never really Kevin Stark's bedroom as a kid.

"This is the room I wanted as a kid," says Stark in front of a huge bedroom diorama containing thousands of posed action figures. "I had to share a bedroom with two brothers."

This huge display is a kind of fantasy bedroom at the Toy and Action Figure Museum.

"Any you recognize," asks a visitor?

"Of course," he replies. "I recognize all of them. I placed every, single one in here."

Over decades of creating, consulting, and collecting, what you see here is a mere fraction of his extensive toy holdings from the Bat Cave, to outer space, to make-believe war.

We first met Kevin at his old Pauls Valley studio in 1994.

His collection was already crowding for space.

In 2005 he opened the Toy and Action Figure Museum.

"I loved putting this stuff together," he says.

In the Fall of 2015, like a kid moving out of his old house, Stark is leaving the museum behind.

He's not closing it, mind you, but moving on to another creative endeavor.

"I've got other things I want to build," says Stark, "Other things I want to do."

Stark was always an artist first.

His imagination earned him a nice living too.

Among his wide interests, starting a band called Squeaky Burger a few years ago.

His idea; to combine his art, his collection, and his music under one roof.

It's still an idea but it has a name, Stark World.

Kevin says the museum is in good hands.

His studio is just down the street so it's not like he can't visit his old room any more.

It's just that his new room will fit so much more when it's finished.

"I've got other tourist attractions that I want to build."

Besides, how could someone like this possibly fit his imagination into one room anyway?

Now that would be impossible.

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