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Monsters in the Oklahoma mountains?

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HONOBIA, Okla. -- Halloween is the time of year for spooky stories and haunted houses, but folks in far southeast Oklahoma have tales of a real life monster, lurking among them.

Thousands of thrill-seekers travel there every fall in hopes of seeing the monsters in the mountains.

Folks travel to this isolated corner of the state every first week in October for the annual Bigfoot Festival.

Beverly Alms and her family traveled here from Illinois. Skeptics at first, but after spending three days in the wilderness, they are singing a much different tune.

"Our first night up in the woods, they were all over the place," Alms said.

Locals claim there is plenty of proof, from footprints to photos.

Join us Friday night at 10 p.m. for several eyewitness accounts, and new evidence they say proves Bigfoot really exists.