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New t-shirts to honor Stillwater parade victims at Bedlam

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Typically, the Bedlam rivalry brings a sea of orange and a crimson tide.

But this year in Stillwater, many will be donning charcoal gray as well, in support of OSU homecoming parade victims.


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Ashley Weichbrodt, Bedlam Blackout Founder

A Stillwater woman created these t-shirts, called Bedlam Blackout Tees, complete with the logo 'Stillwater Strong,' with 100 percent of the proceeds going to help with medical costs for those injured on October 24th.

Ashley Weichbrodt, an OSU student, says the main reason for the initiative is to help families like that of her son's soccer coach, Clemente Abai, along with his two children, who were all injured at the parade.


Far right: Coach Clemente Abai

Ashley knows the pain of medical costs, as her daughter, Scout, was airlifted to a hospital when she was born, seven years ago, spending a week in intensive care.



Scout, 7-years-old

"My hope is that you will see past the t-shirt and fulfill a need that these people have. We are called to care for others, to love them, and, in doing so, we create relationship and community, which is what Stillwater is all about," Ashley writes on her Bedlam Blackout Tees Facebook page. "I had a crazy idea to dream up "Bedlam Blackout" because even though there will be a game on November 28th, I wanted our community, (especially the victims and their families,) to see that THEY matter, even as life continues on and football is still played."

Ashley says Zac Holland of Opolus Clothing is pitching in by printing the t-shirts free of charge.

No one is profiting, and the proceeds will go directly to Stillwater Medical Center to distribute to parade victims as they see fit.

You can order a Bedlam Blackout t-shirt here for $15, then either pay $6 for shipping or pick up your t-shirt in Edmond, Stillwater, or Norman.

The deadline to order is November 6th.

The t-shirts will be ready the week before Bedlam.

Ashley writes, "This fundraiser is for ordinary people who experienced extraordinary circumstances and will never be the same. By ordering these tees, you are essentially saying, 'I want to help take care of you in your time of need.' It's not about the t-shirt, it's about my son's soccer coach and his two young children who were injured at the parade. It's about the families who lost their baby, their daughter, their family. It's about those that survived with and without injury but will forever be hurt inside and out. So, take this form, and as you go out in your community, your workplace, your school, encourage everyone you know to support these people for the simple fact that they are in need. Let's Blackout Bedlam and stand proud, whether we are from Stillwater, OK or India, because these lives are precious to you and me."