Most popular Halloween costumes of 2015, according to Graphiq

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You may have gone all out for your costume this Halloween, or maybe you just bought candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Whether you participated or just stayed on the sidelines, Halloween 2015 did not go ignored.

The most popular Halloween kids’ costume this year was a princess, which isn’t a huge surprise because the world’s population has more girls than boys. But Batman came in next, followed by other superheroes. Animal costumes were also popular, and were closely followed by children who dressed up as Frozen characters. (The movie had so many kids dress up as the snowy characters that it has its own category.)

But it’s the unsung heroes of Halloween who catch your eye and capture your heart.

Of course, adults celebrated Halloween, too.

According to Graphiq, witches are still a classic Halloween costume; 9 percent of adults wore witch costumes this year. Animal costumes came in second for adults at 5 percent, and enough adults dressed as political figures to be added to the list.

But celebrations come at a cost.

The average person in the United States spent $74 on Halloween.

Here is a graph that shows how much money was spent globally on the spooky holiday.

The most money was spent on Halloween costumes at $2.52 billion. But $1.88 billion was spent on holiday decorations, and a whopping $2.14 billion was spent on sugary sweets for the ghoulish day.

While a lot of money was spent on Halloween, it was worth this:

and this,

and this,

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