Oklahoma Governor’s daughter files lawsuit against janitorial company for allegedly not paying her for work

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The governor’s daughter is back in the news, this time for suing a local janitorial company.

Christina Fallin says she hasn’t received tens of thousands of dollars for her work.

The woman she’s suing is also facing criminal charges.

District Attorney David Prater is personally prosecuting Ginger Sloan in a bogus check case. Sloan is also facing a number of civil suits.

The latest suit was filed by Christina Fallin, who resigned her position last month.

A lawsuit filed in federal court alleges an Oklahoma janitorial company, called GT Clean, failed to pay the governor’s daughter.

Court documents show Christina Fallin was making $6,000 a month, but the governor’s daughter says she’s still owed more than $40,000.

“There were several months in there, and sometimes it was slow pay or partial pay,” Fallin’s attorney, Bryan King, said.

King says Fallin wore a lot of hats in her job under the supervision of Ginger Sloan.

“She would do some marketing and promoting. She did some hiring and firing, setting up schedules, walking through buildings for cleaning contracts,” King said.

Sloan also reportedly hired Fallin to work for her other company, a medical transcription business.

Fallin claims she’s still owed $1,819.41 for that job, in addition to more than $16,000 Fallin says she loaned Sloan.

Sloan is already under the microscope, charged in Oklahoma County for check fraud.

The two women were often seen at social events together the past couple years.

Back in January, we talked to Fallin when she opened her art gallery downtown, named the Sloan Installation Gallery.

We called Sloan at both businesses Monday but only got her answering machine.

We found Sloan filed for bankruptcy last month, five days after Fallin resigned.

Sloan’s preliminary hearing in Oklahoma County is Wednesday morning.

UPDATED: On Tuesday, November 3rd, the District Attorney dropped a criminal charge against Ginger Sloan.  That case involved an “insufficient funds” check.  Sloan’s attorney tells us his client later paid off the check, so the charges were dropped.

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