Supersonic jet to take passengers between continents in 30 minutes

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It's a concept that could take passengers from country to country in 30 minutes flat!

The Skreemr would reach speeds over Mach 10 - that's ten times the speed of sound!

Engineers in both China and the U.S. are developing designs to create a scramjet engine, which would ignite after the Skreemr was launched from a magnetic railgun system, using liquid oxygen rockets.

Designers hope to see the engines on military drones in the next few years, and then possibly on commercial planes several years later.

The goal is minimizing g-force pulls to allow up to 75 passengers to fly safely at top speeds of 7,673 miles per hour without passing out.

Preliminary designs include four wings and two large rockets, which could fly passengers from New York to London in half an hour.

While the concept is still several years away, passengers could soon board the Concorde 2.

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus says the hypersonic jet can travel three times as fast as the original retired Concorde.

Concorde 2 can hold 20 passengers and make the New York to London trip in one hour.

Airbus says the Concorde 2 would take off vertically, and shoot straight up into the sky before breaking the sound barrier, then leveling off horizontally.

However, it too is a concept in the wait-and-see game of future flight.

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