What to do with extra Halloween candy

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 You either bought more than the trick-or-treaters needed or your kids spent hours on end going door-to-door for it.
Either way, there’s just too much.
If your kids aren’t too keen on getting rid of it, most candy freezes well.
Also, baking with candy is easy and very few people have ever complained about extra chocolate baked into their brownies, cookies or even trail mix.
There are hundreds of creative and cute ideas online, so you may try Pintrest, but just remember that no one guarantees your masterpiece will look like the picture.
You can also check with your dentist about swapping candy out for healthier treats. There is also the option of reverse trick-or-treating with residents at a retirement home.
Organizations like Operation Gratitude or Operation Shoebox ship candy to troops serving overseas.
Care.com suggests enlisting the help of the candy fairy, who replaces candy left for her overnight with small toys and goodies.
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