Father with one leg takes the stage for precious daddy-daughter moment

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A father-daughter dance can be intimidating to a lot of guys. Just ask Darryl Jones, whose daughter asked him to join her on stage at the end of the year performance.

“I thought it may be hard, but I didn’t think it would be insurmountable,” Jones said.

Darryl practiced with everyone, but he didn’t practice like everyone else.

When Jones was 10-years-old, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to have his leg amputated.

“They said if I didn’t, most likely I’d be deceased,” he said.

But missing a limb wasn’t going to cause the dedicated father to miss a bonding opportunity with his daughter.

“On this day, instead of saying it with her mouth, that my dad can do whatever your dad can do, she was able to show it,” said Jones.

And he, quite impressively, landed the spin move.

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