Blanchard mother says 5-year-old son with autism assaulted on school bus 

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BLANCHARD, Okla.- A kindergartner is recovering from bruises after his mom says he was attacked on the school bus by a 6th grade boy.

Suzan Parks says her son told her an older boy sat on his “tummy” and slammed his head against the bus.

"He had a very large knot, or a goose egg, on the back of his head that was open on the middle, like he had hit some kind of screw or divot on the bus," Parks describes. "On his forehead over his left eye, he had a bruise, and then he had a bruise underneath his left eye."


Parks says her son, who is only 5-years-old, was attacked while riding the school bus recently.

"He's autistic. His brain doesn't work like you and I," Parks said. "He doesn't know that, if someone is picking on him, he can go tell."

The incident is now under investigation by the Blanchard Police Department.

Parks says the situation was brought up to the school district, who says the problem has been resolved.

"We do investigate very thoroughly, we leave no stone unturned," Blanchard superintendent Jim Beckham said.

However, Parks disagrees.

Instead, she says the school district is urging her to move her child to a special needs bus.

"I know the 6th grader in question is still riding the bus. There is a special needs bus they're kind of trying to pressure me to putting my child on, but he doesn't need that. He's been riding this bus for two years with no problem," Parks said.

She says her son doesn't deserve to be the one removed from the bus.


"I try to mainstream [him] as much as I can because he has so much potential and I want him to be just like the 'normal' kids," Parks says.

The superintendent did tell us they have completed their investigation. They wouldn't specify on what actions they took, but they assure us that the safety of the students is important.

The boy's mother did file a police report, but says she has not heard back from police.

We did get a call late Friday afternoon from the police chief.

He tells us they are still investigating because there are conflicting stories of the incident.

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