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Edmond resident fighting for her pet chickens, city claims she’s violating zoning laws

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond mom is fighting for her pet chickens after getting notices from the city that said she’s in violation of zoning laws.

The resident said she did her research and that she’s not breaking any rules.

However, city leaders said the chickens have to go.

Maria Drake and her family have five pet chickens: Coconut, Honey Tree, Oatmeal, Zebra and Mercy.

"They're hours of entertainment," said Maria Drake. "They're part of the family, just like the dogs are, cats.”

Her daughter Scarlet loves feeding the hens and searching for eggs.

Drake said she worries the city of Edmond will force her to get rid of their pets after getting multiple notices on her door about violating city ordinances.

"Even though there's nothing in the zoning laws that specifically prohibit chickens, they continue to tell me that I will be taken to court if I don't get rid of our hens," Drake said.

"We allow chickens on property that's zoned agricultural," said Casey Moore, Edmond Public Information Officer. "Where this resident is, it's any area zoned single family."

The neighborhood near Sooner and Danforth has wildlife running around all over the place which is natural, as long as they're not being housed as pets.

"We're not out looking for these types of things," Moore said. "We were notified by I'm assuming neighbors or other residents calling in complaining."

Drake said she doesn't consider them a disturbance.

She said they only cluck when laying an egg.

"It's a neighborhood. We're neighbors," Drake said. "I wish that a knock on the door would've been nice, if there was an issue."

She said she plans to go to court to save her chickens.

"I think I have a fighting chance to win," Drake said.

City officials with Edmond said, if there’s a question about the ordinance or request a chance in an ordinance to become more clear, that would have to go through the city council.

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