Update: Family stuck with messy, unfinished job

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Update 11/17/15 - Our In Your Corner team has new details involving an unfinished patio job.

Joe Stewart hired JT Burgert to pour a new patio and sidewalk in his backyard.

Burgert got paid $1,000, but he never finished the job.

A second contractor saw our story and gave Joe a really good deal.

He completed the job within a day.

Our story aired and the very next day Joe got a call from Burgert.

“He apologized, “Joe said. “He wanted to go into details, reasons why, which I wasn't too concerned about. That's his personal business, but he apologized.“

He gave an apology and a full refund.

Now Joe and his family can cruise into the holidays with one less thing on their plate.

EDMOND, Okla. - The Stewart family has a messy problem on their hands, and it’s in their backyard.

“[It's] a mess,” said Joe Stewart, the father. “This is a complete mess.”

JT Burgert of 'All About Concrete' was hired to pour the concrete in their backyard, but the job is incomplete and the measurements are all wrong.

The Stewarts paid him $1,000 down and let him take their stone pavers.

“The value of the pavers, he's got those,” Joe said. “At this point, I just want my thousand dollars back and let us figure out how to move on from there.”

Twice now they said Burgert's been a no call, no show.

We keep getting this message when we call him: His mailbox is full.

Burgett's girlfriend and friends tell the In Your Corner team it’s been days since anyone heard from him.

We did some digging into his past.

There are lots of driving convictions and a bogus check charge that was later dismissed.

Right now, he's charged in Oklahoma County with writing another bogus check and, earlier this year, he was arrested for domestic abuse, although that charge too was dropped.

The Stewarts don't want Burgert back on their property.

Best case scenario is he refunds them their cash, because hiring a second contractor won't be cheap.

“We're looking at somewhere between $2,000-$2,500 extra expense out of our own pocket,” Joe said.

The Stewarts could have avoided this mess had they searched Burgert's name online.

All of us have access to court records through our state's online database.

If you know how to get a hold of JT Burgert, email or call us.

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