“I want justice,” Mother of alleged victim speaks out as Holtzclaw trial continues

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Day five in the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw was an emotionally charged day.

Friday began just as Thursday ended, with jurors watching a taped interview between Holtzclaw and police detectives.

The interview took place on June 18th of last year, hours after an alleged sexual assault.

In the two hour long interview, Detective Kim Davis questioned Holtzclaw about two separate traffic stops, where two assaults allegedly took place.

An agitated Holtzclaw is seen denying these allegations throughout the recording.

In the video, Holtzclaw tells detectives that on that night in June he pulled over one of the alleged victims on his way home.

After a fifteen minute traffic stop, where he searched her car and reportedly found bottles with prescription pain killers, the former officer said he let the woman go.

That woman took the stand on Tuesday, telling the jury that Holtzclaw had her perform oral sex on him in the back of his patrol car.

Also in the video, Holtzclaw tells detectives that on the night in question he attempted to have sex with his girlfriend.

Davis later called the girlfriend, who reportedly informed her she was sound asleep, and nothing happened.

Friday was largely filled with the testimony of Davis.

She explained to prosecutors that the victim and Holtzclaw's stories are almost identical when it comes to the traffic stop.

The only difference she said is the victim's telling of the assault.

When cross examined by the defense, attorney Scott Adams pointed out that throughout the taped interview, Holtzclaw is steadfast in his innocence and that there's no physical evidence proving any assault took place in the back of his patrol car.

As the trial climbs into its second week, the crowd following the case has grown.

Victims' family members are now breaking their silence.

"He has no love or anything for black lives - period, and I want justice," said a mother of one of the alleged victims. "I'm a mother, and I am angry."

There was also controversy outside the courtroom Friday, after the mother reportedly called Holtzclaw an "animal" as he was being led away for lunch.

"I called him an animal, and the sheriff came back and told us, if we say it again, we would be arrested," she said.

Late Friday evening, a second alleged victim took the stand as a witness.

Her testimony will continue next Tuesday.

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