Man told he only had 30 minutes to live after going to hospital with ‘worst headache of his life’

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NAPA, Calif. – A 26-year-old California man was told he only had 30 minutes to live after going to the hospital with the ‘worst headache of his life.’

Luis Ortiz was rushed to the hospital after suffering a debilitating pain in his head while at his mother’s house.

When doctors at Queen of the Valley Medical Center saw Ortiz, they told him he only had about 30 minutes left to live.

According to CBS SF, Luis went into a coma and doctors performed emergency brain surgery.

Surgeons discovered the larvae of a parasitic tapeworm  had formed  a cyst, blocking off circulation inside Luis’ brain.

Experts say there are only a few ways that the parasite could have reached Luis’ brain.

“They told me it was uncooked pork or if I went swimming in the river or if I’ve been to a third world country and I was like, ‘I haven’t done any of that recently.’ But I don’t know how long that worm was in my head for,” Luis told CBS SF.

Ortiz says he is almost back to normal, but is still suffering memory problems.

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