Netflix has new 5 minute movies to get your kids in bed

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Could the bedtime battle finally be over?

Well, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have come up with a way to at least make your child's bedtime come with a little less whine.

The digital movie company has just released three 5 minute animated movies called "Dinotrux" for when your kids beg to stay up "just five more minutes!!!"


Photo: Netflix

Since each Dinotrux episode is only five minutes long, now parents have the option to come out looking like the good guy on this one.

In a press release, Netflix officials stated, " Kids will think they’'re getting away with murder, but parents will get the last laugh when the show ends after just five minutes and the kids are tucked in on time. Parents: 1, Kids’ Bedtime Stalls: 0."

Netflix recently surveyed more than 7,200 parents across the globe about the nightly bedtime stall.

They found that it's a universal problem... 61 percent of parents in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico battle with their bedtime stallers for nearly 20 minutes each night.

Here's what they found:

American kids take the longest to get to bed at 19.3 minutes compared to the worldwide average of 17.5 minutes.

French parents spend only 12.3 minutes on average getting their kids to bed.  C'est la vie!

As for parents in the U.K., they're more likely to bribe their kids by letting them up later on the weekend or with food.

 Search for "'5 Minute Favorites" to find the streaming Dinotrux series.
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