Oklahoma gymnastics team in jeopardy after notice of gym eviction

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A team of young Oklahoma athletes has no place to go.

The facility where the competitive gymnasts train is suddenly going out of business.

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time since their season is less than a month away.

These gymnasts train five days a week, but soon the doors will be locked on their gym, leaving them stranded before they ever step foot in a competition.

Pablo Narvaz’s team has been training for months ahead of their first competition in December.

“These boys are focused on their competitive season," said Ellen Harwell, a parent of a gymnast "It is year-round. We don’t take summers off."

It’s a big investment for the boys and their parents.

That’s why they were heartbroken when their coach broke the news that their gym was shutting down.

Court documents show the gym owner is being forced out of the building for not paying the bills.

“This is certainly not an ideal situation," Harwell said. "They should be running their routines, cleaning up any last minute things."

This isn't the first time this group of about 25 kids has found their team in jeopardy.

They were uprooted when their last gym shut down.

“Not again. We did this last year," said Stephanie Pok, another parent. "It was very hard last year to keep everyone together, and we were able to do that, and we were so thankful."

For these kids, it’s more than winning a competition.

It’s about life-long friendships, camaraderie and dedication to the sport.

“Regardless of whether or not they go into college gymnastics, the friendships they’ve made - these kids have their birthdays together," Harwell said. "The relationship with their coaches is the most important thing to them."

Late Friday afternoon, NewsChannel 4 spoke with the woman who runs the gym business.

She told us she’s working on a deal to keep the gym open.

We’ll let you know what happens.

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