Oklahoma teen bullied by classmates after being mauled by dogs

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - One Oklahoma teen girl is being bullied at school after she was mauled by three dogs, her parents say.

"The pit just like snapped. He was totally fine, really nice and all of a sudden just snapped," Stephanie Walker said.

Walker's 15-year-old daughter Lily was at her grandmother’s house in May when three dogs attacked. She was rushed to the emergency room.

Her calf was cut wide open and her arms were severely mangled.

"She couldn't basically use her hands at all, so we had to feed her for about two weeks," Walker said.

Now Lily is left with deep scars, and permanent nerve damage, which have become a constant reminder.

"People started calling her a cutter and a boy started telling her that I was trying to beat her," Walker said.

Walker says her peers at Shawnee High School have grown cold toward her daughter, and she thinks her injury is to blame.

"She still gets looks in the hallway. She still gets called a cutter. Even in public people look at me like I'm the one who did it,” Walker said.

Walker says the principal and counselor at her school have asked Lily if she's being abused.

"It's just so different to see a kid with that many scars and they just automatically assume a parent did it," Walker said.

But the questions are taking a toll.

"She's cried every day. Like I mean she'll cry herself to sleep at night and she's upset about the way she looks," Walker said.

Walker is now hoping her daughter can get surgery to help with the scarring.

Since it's considered cosmetic, which is why her insurance won't pay for it.

"It's really frustrating to see your child hurt so much because of something that was totally out of her control," Walker said.  "I just want to see her smile again."

She has since started a GoFundMe page, hoping to raise enough money for the surgery.

Shawnee Public Schools responded with this statement:

"Bullying is not and will not be tolerated in Shawnee Public Schools.  We take all reports of bullying seriously.  An administrative team will work with the mother to determine an appropriate solution to this issue.”

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