Historical society looking for owners of packages pulled from 100-year-old time capsule

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OKLAHOMA -- The Oklahoma Historical Society continues its search for the rightful owners of two packages that are more than 100-years-old.

They were removed from a time capsule that was uncovered from a church in 2013.

The Oklahomans who put the packages in the chest wanted them to go to their descendants.

With no luck finding family members, they have not been opened. So the history lesson inside remains a secret.

What’s called the “Century Chest” was buried at the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City on April 221913.

As intended by the pioneers, the congregation waited exactly a century later to unearth it.

"It was surreal. Part of it was we were pleasantly surprised that the chest was in pristine condition," Pastor Jerry Peterson said.

They were even more in awe when they saw what was inside. From photographs, to clothing, to Native American artifacts history was brought to life.

The Century Chest and its contents are now preserved at the Oklahoma History Center.

Some of the most precious artifacts are letters written to descendants.

Over the last two years, Oklahomans have gotten to open packages from their ancestors.

"To contact them out of the clear blue and say there's a message for you from your great, or great-great-great grandparents. That is surreal," Pastor Peterson said.

"It's just heart-wrenching  to see their tears and then you cry," Chad Williams, with the Oklahoma Historical Society, said.

Monday, two of the letters yet to be opened are from Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Chambers and another from Thomas and Mary Phelps Wallace, or Mellon.

"The name might have been read wrong because of the cursive writing," Williams said.

Those at the history center say there will not be closure until they see what is inside.

If the packages are not claimed, then the historical society will open them in about six months.

Whatever is inside would then be protected at the museum.

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