Indonesian law enforcement wants drug offenders on island with crocodile guards

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INDONESIA — The head of Indonesia’s drug law enforcement is reportedly recruiting crocodiles to guard a proposed island prison for drug offenders.

According to the Jakarta Post, National Narcotics Agency Chief General Budi Waseso said he wants to surround the island with “as many crocodiles as we can.”

Indonesian prisoners allegedly still have access to drugs and drugs cartels while they’re behind bars.

“I will search for the most ferocious type of crocodile,” Waseso said. “You can’t bribe crocodiles. You can’t convince them to let inmates escape.”

Drug offenders are dealt with seriously in Indonesia.

Two Australian drug smugglers were executed by firing squad in Indonesia earlier this year.

But the crocodile guards are just one suggestion. According to Mashable, Waseso has repeatedly said he thinks drug dealers should be forced to consumer consume all of their confiscated merchandise, forcing themselves to overdose.