“Attention drug dealers,” Ad asking dealers to rat out other dealers

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HOBART, Okla. - A newspaper ad, which was taken out by a local sheriff's office, is inviting drug dealers to rat out their rivals!

The ad appeared in the Hobart Democrat-Chief recently and was placed there by the Kiowa County Sheriff's Office.

The idea is getting support from some residents.

“When I saw this, I thought that's an interesting way to try to get information,” said Gina Hernandez.

“It's something that can catch the attention of these drug dealers. I hope they get the message that they are not welcome and we don't want them here,” said Steven Boyd.

Those are some of the reasons Sheriff Bill Lancaster says led him to run the ad in the local newspaper.

Part of it reads "Is your drug dealing competition costing you money?... We can take your competition off the streets for free."

“Sometimes they don’t want to use the telephones. They don't want their names used. In small communities, everybody knows everybody. So if they just want to fill it out, drop it off at the sheriff's office, put it in the mailbox. It's just another way to do it,” said Lancaster

An avenue that could drive more residents to turn in tips.

“It is my personal belief if you have any drugs in your community, you have a drug problem,” he said. “Do we honestly believe that drug dealers are going to turn other drug dealers in? Hopefully, it will work,” said Lancaster.

Though many have been supportive, other don’t see how it could work.

“There are some that are skeptical, there are some that just don't like it. Don't help the police the police aren't there to help you,” said Lancaster.

So far, the sheriff says they have gotten some tips. But he expects more soon because two more newspapers are going to run this same ad in the next few days.

It costs the sheriff’s office $60 to run the ad. Similar ads have been circulating throughout the year.